Now that winter is officially over and spring has sprung, it’s time to get a head start on your lawn care. The DelRossi Landscape crew is here for exactly that. We know having an attractive lawn is important to our clientele. Taking action earlier in the season will help strengthen your lawn against pests, weeds and diseases for the season to come, ensuring you a healthy, eye-catching lawn. The first step to acquiring a healthy lawn is having the appropriate work done. Our Spring Clean Ups are the best starting point in tackling the perfect lawn. Clean-up includes removal of leaves and other winter debris from property, weeding, edging, and first mow of season. We also offer seed/fertilizer applications, thatching and aerating if necessary. The second but most important step in maintaining a perfect lawn is consistency. This seems obvious, but we all know when the nice weather gets here and our schedules become hectic, often we forget or put off mowing and watering the lawn. For this reason, we offer weekly lawn maintenance; relieving you of one less headache. Maintaining the proper grass height is essential and reassures deeper roots, which assists your lawn during an extended period of weathering to survive as well as preventing weed growth. Although watering the lawn doesn’t seem like rocket science, timing and amount is extremely crucial. Setting your irrigation systems to/ watering in the morning is the only time of day your lawn should be watered. This ensures more of the water will soak into the soil reaching the roots, as the sun comes up it will only dry out the grass. When you water in the afternoon the majority of the water is evaporating before it can properly reach the correct depth in the soil. Whereas watering at night leaves the lawn damp throughout the night, which leads to different diseases to develop and results in discoloration patches also know as brown patching. Keeping your lawn healthy requires about an inch of water weekly, which includes rainfall. In dry weather its important to water every 2 to 3 days about ½ inch during each watering. For newly installed sod, avoid using hand sprinklers. This does not achieve the proper amount of water needed to accurately distribute to all areas of the newly installed sod. Using an irrigation system or hose end sprinkler are the most effective ways to water sod. Hose end sprinklers are easily portable and offer consistent coverage when being maintained and correctly placed in yard.