Whether you are building a new home and are in need of sod, or you have a lawn that just doesn’t seem to keep up its appearance and expectations, we have a solution for you.  Our turf and lawn services take into account your lawn’s needs in order to build the best solution. 


For new homes, this may mean sod installation or hydro-seeding.  If there are areas of your lawn where grass refuses to grow or if the grass has experienced damage from pets or the elements, then slice seeding or over-seeding may be right for you.  Our spring and fall cleanup programs partner well with our turf services as these seasons are the ideal conditions for new growth.


Our goal is to build your lawn to perfection.  We’ll evaluate your soil, property grade, natural drainage and landscape in order to create the lawn of your dreams.  With any of our turf services, we make sure the ground is prepped for maximum effectiveness.  With the right plan and proper care, your lawn will turn into a masterpiece.

Turf Installation Services Provided

HYDRO-SEEDING – Popular option for planting lawns! this process uses a slurry of seed and mulch and is sprayed over prepared ground. The seed can be customized to the needs of your property.

SOD INSTALLATION – Existing lawn is removed and prepped with loam. A starter fertilizer and dylox are applied and then the sod is installed. The results are a new green lawn in no time!

SLICE SEEDING – Repair damaged lawns or improve a thin, weak lawn. The process involves a machine slicing into the ground and tucking seed directly into the soil.

TOP-DRESSING & OVER-SEEDING – Process of applying compost/soil over the surface of the lawn with seed and starter fertilizer. Great for addressing problem or specific areas.

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